3 Ordinary People Share their Unbelievable Gambling Stories

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It’s hard to believe, but wonderful things happen every single day when people least expect it.

From online casino users to people who have just about given up on gambling entirely, it can

happen to anyone at any time in the whole world. It is one of the most exciting things about luck

and random chance. This is just a small collection of stories, but there is so much else out there.

1.  The Wallet Whisperer

It was late and I was drunk off my ass. My wallet fell out of my back pocket, and I didn’t even

notice until it was time to leave. The moment I reached back and it wasn’t there, I started

freaking out, practically stumbling around looking for it. That’s when I saw it, sitting on the edge

of a slot machine in plain view. Someone must have picked it up and left it there. I raced over

and picked it up. Everything was still there, even the $20 cash I had in there. I sat right down and

started playing that slot machine, and built up $50, more than I had won all night. Not my best

evening, but one of my best nights. I left with a giant grin on my face.

2. One more time

It had been weeks since I’d come out ahead from the online casino, and I’d pretty much given up.

Then the casino dropped me $5 out of the blue. I wasn’t about to say no to free betting money so

I logged in and gave it a try. Everything just fell into place. Betting on my birth date, following

my instincts, everything was working perfectly. Maybe free cash is just luckier.

3. Do You Believe in Love after Loss?

It was my second or third time playing roulette, and I was more daring back then. I placed $25

on the number 7, and held my breath. It landed on 7! I tested my luck and put it all back on 7. It

landed on 7 again! By then, everyone was looking at me, so I put all $50 on 7. It landed on 18. I

was walking away feeling terrible when the most gorgeous woman in the world stopped me. “You

look like you need a little luck,” she said, handing me a poker chip. We’ve been dating ever since.

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