3 Gambling Games Where the House Edge can be Defeated

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Believe it or not, despite what everyone says, there are real ways of overcoming the house edge.

It is just a matter of choosing the right game. These are not the typical games that can be found

in the casino, and for good reason. After all, casinos prefer when they can hold a profit. These

games might take a little looking around for, but once that step is over with, it is only a matter of

honing the technique.

1. The Cup Game

A seemingly simple game that used to be common at street fairs, the cup game relies of on the

belief that the body can move faster than the eyes can see. A vendor has three cups and a ball.

They hide the ball under one of the cups then switch the cups around and around, then have the

player guess where the ball ended up. To the naked eye, the cups moving around looks like a

blur, but the technique can be perfected. Additionally, the vendor may use sleight of hand to let

the ball slip between two cups, or between the cup and their own hand. It is best to avoid vendors

capable of this, but even tricks like that can be picked up on and worked around, so long as there

is still a ball under one of the cups when it is time to guess. In other words, so long as the vendor

isn’t outright cheating, this game can be mastered and the house edge overcome.

2. Weight Loss Competitions

This type of gambling game is substantially easier to win, but it may not be viable for everyone.

Looking for a sense of competition to motivate them, numerous individuals and later companies

had the idea to create weight-loss challenges. Numerous people place their bets with the goal of

losing a certain number of pounds, or the most pounds. Then the winners go home with cash and

the losers lose only what they bet. With the right motivation and circumstances, it is possible to

go into these competitions with almost complete certainty of winning. It is a good idea to seek

out competitions that require a certain amount of pounds lost and have multiple winners for the

greatest chance of victory.

3. Making Bets

Everyone has their own skills, and each of these skills can be improved. When you make a bet of

your own, you set the terms of the game. Someone may bet on who can do the most push-ups,

who can hold their breath the longest, or anything else under the sun. It is just a matter of getting

someone else to agree to the bet and then winning.

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