3 Casinos that Might Actually be Haunted

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No one wants to believe it, but some stories just hit too close to home. Casinos are a place that

people enter in order to indulge. A casino is a place filled with thrills of every variety, and people

come from all over and enter the doors wanting. Some never come back out. These few casinos

have a rich and tragic history, and the echoes of this past are still seen and heard today.

1. Bally’s Hotel and Casino

There was not always a casino known as Bally’s on the Las Vegas strip. Once, there was a

towering building called the MGM. This building was a piece of art, a glamorous hotel wrapped

around an elegant casino complex. The building was packed with people the day the fire struck.

84 lives were lost in that building that day. Guests were seen jumping out of windows to escape

the smoke, and were heard banging against the walls when the fire blocked their way out. The

building was burnt to cinders that day, and another casino constructed in its place Web Site. To this day,

strange things are seen in the upper floors where the victims of the fire once were.

2. Imperial Hotel and Casino

Cripple Creek, Colorado, has been the home of poor miners since the 1800’s. The Imperial Hotel

has been standing since nearly the beginning, and holds the hopes and memories of poor workers

and travelers as they sought after gold and a better life. In particular, the hotel was once under

the management of a diligent man named George Long. George had a daughter who refused to

obey his wishes, and so he locked her inside her room within the hotel. One night she escaped

and hit him down the stairs with a cast-iron skillet. George is not believed to be an angry ghost,

but sometimes, at night, it is said that he takes a seat at one of the slot machines and plays a


3. Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Paradise, Nevada was once a quiet desert town, but it was transformed by powerful people, not

the least of which was a ruthless and cunning mobster named Bugsy Siegel. Before his violent

death, Bugsy made the Flamingo his home. He designed the hotel’s presidential suite as his own

personal paradise with pistachio green decorations and a network of secret passages. It is no

surprise that patrons have claimed to see him wandering the grounds.

Spooked yet? Casinos may have a creepy sort of feel, but online casinos are 100% ghost-free.

Trust us, we checked.

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