3 Casino Games that are a Thousand Times Better Online

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It may be fun to play casino games in person, but sometimes the gameplay is more rewarding,

more straight-forward, and less tedious from the comfort of a mobile phone or a desktop

computer. For players new to online play, these choices are worth checking out.

1. Craps

Believe it or not, many craps players have an entirely different play style when playing online.

When playing with others, there is an awful stigma around betting on “don’t pass.” This kind of

bet is seen as hedging bets against the team, celebrating while the other players are mourning,

and otherwise stirring up trouble. What many players do not want to recognize is that “don’t

pass” actually stands a better chance of winning. When playing at the casino, players have two

choices: make the inferior bet and make friends or make the superior bet and make enemies.

When playing online, the social stigma disappears. Players are finally free to grasp the best odds

of winning and see where it goes.

2. Slots

It can be hard to keep going when the dials are not cooperating. Playing a slot machine online

means that players can play until they get frustrated, then walk away to do something else. When

the mood strikes once again, the game is right there waiting. This sort of play style is impossible

to pull off at a land-based casino. When a player at the casino is frustrated, the only options are

to keep playing or to go home. This does not make for a good night.

3. Baccarat

There are some casino games out there that follow a simple model, and players rarely change up

what they are doing. Baccarat is one such game. Most players who know their stuff set their

chips down, bet on banker, lather, rinse, repeat. This playing style can start to feel tedious. Some

players may even worry about the dealer and how dull the process must be for them. When

playing online, there is no need to worry about the dealer because the dealer is just a part of a

computer program.

Some games simply work better online. The player has the freedom to place the best bets, there

is no tedious upkeep to speak of, and best of all, the player can start and stop playing whenever

and wherever. When it comes to casino games, online is the best choice.


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