3 Bizarre Encounters at the Casino

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These weird events could only happen at the casino. There are so many odd people in an even

stranger place in their lives. It is hard to believe these things even happened, but then again, how

hard to believe is it really? Take a look at these jaw-dropping stories.

1. Dice Fight

A man was minding his own business at the craps table when someone else came storming up to

the table looking angry. He was grumbling under his breath, insulting the dealer like he was

trying to pick a fight. The dealer hunched his shoulders, took a breath, and held out as long as he

could, but before long, they were trading insults. Apparently something had happened earlier that

day, and the player was looking for vengeance.

The moment it was the angry man’s turn to throw, he threw the dice off the table. The dealer

started yelling at him, but handed him another pair. Pretty soon, these dice were across the room,

then the player launched the rest of the dice as far as he could.

Security took him away, and every available dealer went on a scavenger hunt for the missing

dice while the players were left to stand and watch. They never did find the missing dice.

2. Black Chips, Black Jack

A woman was enjoying herself playing what was, to her, a high-rolling game of blackjack with

$15 per hand. That was until a man sat down next to her and threw a wad of $100 bills on the

table. He called out a single word, “black,” which turned out later to be a sort of catch phrase for


The woman watched with her mouth gaping as he burnt through about $4,000 in the span of half

an hour. Then he took out another $2,000 and bet that away, too. Each time he won, the dealer

went to take out large chips, but the man kept saying “black,” and refused to take anything but

black chips. Most of his bets went down the drain until he fished a final $400 out of his pocket.

Then he rode that $400 through a jaw-dropping winning streak. The woman who saw it all

claims he left with about $50,000, all in black poker chips.

3. The Giving Couple

A young woman was playing video poker, conserving her money despite the high betting limit.

The machine was in the old style that let players double their winnings by guessing the high card,

but she had no interest in taking a risk like that. A well-dressed couple was sitting next to her

with buckets full of quarters, enjoying themselves, when they noticed the woman playing quietly

by herself. The man convinced her to start taking risks, and to her surprise, she started really

enjoying herself. The couple smiled along with her, having fun along the way. In the end, they

let her keep the buckets full of quarters – $300 in value.

Has anything strange ever happened while you were at the casino? Some of the stories are

downright messy, but others have a happy ending. Things are much quieter at online casinos.

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