10 Gambling Terms You Need to Know

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Nobody wants to be the person who has to constantly ask their friends for meanings of terms of things they don’t understand. With today’s technology it is easier than ever before to educate yourself on subjects you’re about to be a part of or simply have interest in. If you’re headed to a casino any time soon, here are some key terms you might want to learn before hand to make yourself seem more knowledgeable.


Not exactly five cents. A “nickel” is a slang term for a $5 poker chip. If someone recommends

that you bet a nickel, keep in mind that it is $5 in your hand, not five pennies. Similarly, a dollar

bet is $100 and a dime bet is $1,000.


The terms, “barred” and “banned,” are easily confused, but have very different meanings.

“Banned” means that someone was caught cheating, yelling belligerently, or who knows what,

and is no longer welcome inside the casino. “Barred” means the gambler had a bad experience,

lost a lot of money, or what have you, and has decided not to come back to the casino again.

High Roller

The high roller is the king of the casino. Not exactly, but high rollers are the big spenders, the

people willing to put hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a game. Being a high roller is

dangerous, but it comes with its perks. At wealthy casinos, these players are rewarded with show

tickets, hotel upgrades, and countless other perks.


Technically, your bankroll is the total amount of money you have in the bank, but in gambling

terms, it means the amount you have available to bet. In day-to-day life, “I spent my entire

bankroll” means you’re broke and out on the streets, but at the casino, “I bet my entire bankroll”

means you took a big risk and hopefully came out lucky on the other end.


You can show your friends that you know all about poker by using the lingo. Few people know

that the flop refers to the very first three cards that are set face-up on the table in a game of


Load Up

All slot machines have a minimum and maximum bet, whether it’s a penny or $20. Loading it up

is when a gambler fills the machine with the maximum bet allowed for a single spin. It’s also the

best way to get a win.


Some casinos have the problem more than others: people wandering around looking for free

chips and drinks but not betting any of their own money. Your friends may warn you that a

klipper is coming up to you to ask for hand-outs.


When a player is rated, that means they are ready for professional gambling. Casinos often keep

track of the abilities of their customers and invite the best players to play in exclusive games.


When a player is called hot, there’s no flirting involved. Instead, it means the player is on a

winning streak. The same can be said for slot machines that are rolling out the dough, so don’t

take it as a come-on.


An overlay is a rare bet that actually tips the odds in the favor of the player. Sometimes a bet is

incorrectly labeled an overlay, but these sorts of bets are great to listen in for.


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